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Circular Thread Rolls
Sri Krishna Enterprises makes a variety of circular thread rolls as per customers specifications and requirements catering to any and all models of thread rolling machines. We manufacture ground thread rolling as per international standards such as ISO, DIN, Unified Series, British Series, BA, NPT, BSPT, Square Thread, Interference Thread, Dardlet Thread, ACME Threads, Worm Threads and any other specified threads.

Types of Thread Rolls manufactured by us are
Single start and Multi start Infeed Rolls
Annular Thrufeed Rolls
Helical Thrufeed Rolls
Fette Rolls
Burnishing Rolls
Worm Rolls
Taper Rolls
Speedup Rolls

Serration Rolls
Serration rolling is one of the fastest and the most accurate methods of manufacturing high production, Splines & Knurls.

During this operation no metal is removed. It is a cold forming operation, wherein we are taking advantage of plasticity of metal.

The serrations/knurls are highly finished by rolling operation and are far better than cut or hobbed splines (the same is recommended in between centers)

Flat Dies
Sri Krishna Enterprises makes all kinds of simplex and duplex Flat thread rolling dies in ground thread The same are made in all pitches and lengths for any and all thread rolling machines to suit our customers requirements.

We manufacture flat dies as per internalional standards such as ISO, JIS, DIN, Unified Series, British Series. Dardlet Thread, Buttress Thread, ACME Thread, Square Threads and any other specified thread.

Our products in Flat Dies are:
Flat thread rolling dies.
Flat straight knurling dies.
Flat diamond knurling dies.
Flaot thread / Spline racks

We also make ground thread racks customized to meet our customers requirement for their special jobs in knurling, splining and threading for different operations.

We cater to all machine types such as Ex-cell-o, Nachi, Marbaix / Marand, Fimat, Maxnove, Anderson and Cook etc
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